Tuesday updates and chat

NEW EBAY AUCTION STARTING SOON! I was going to start it this evening but that would mean that it would end on the weekend and I know that I'm not usually around on the weekends to bid so I'm sure many of your schedules are similar especially with the weather warming up and such so I've scheduled it to start tomorrow evening instead. I think I set it for 9:30 est. I'm still struggling with really touch and go internet service & I'm not a happy camper about it either. Everytime I try to do and update I lose my info so I'm keeping it short today just in case it goes caput again while I'm typing. Joe's actually not having to work over time today so we're going to continue our Anniversary week (when it falls durring the week we split it up over the span of the week and do somthing different and fun each day, works for b days too!) I'm off to finish up some bead cleaning and some jewelry pieces I'm working on. Have a great day!


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