TGIF! This week flew by! Had a fun girls night last night. My long time friend Joanna (since we were babies!) had a Party Lite party. I hadn't been to one in a few years and couldn't belive how much they've updated it. All the stuff is even more gorgeous than before! I spent entirely too much but isn't that always what happens when you fill a room full of ladies and pass around super cool stuff to buy! lol! Then they give you these incredible discount if you sign up to host a party too so that started a whole snowball effect and now needless to say I have a party lite party to go to for the next several months lol! Oh yeah and I'll be hosting my own in August lol! Tomorrow is the Relay for Life a cause near and dear to my heart. We participate every year and have a blast doing all the events. My mom's Century 21 office has a tent and team and Joe's family has a survivor's tent and team so we will be walking for both of them. My favorite is to walk at night during the luminary walk it's incredibly touching and humbling but I'll have to see how tired Noah get's so I'm not sure if we'll get to walk as late as we used to. I also have some other exciting stuff planned for the weekend but I'll tell you about that later and hopefully have some pics to share as well! so stay tuned for that! I've got a whole slew of new items available in Necklaces, Bracelets and earrings today. I've been having a day of picture taking and uploading and site updating today so I hope you enjoy the new pieces! This necklace is one of my favorites! Yet another perk of having a partner in I mean Design! lol! Marsha sent me the pendant part of this necklace. She created it for another piece but it didn't quite sit right so it got tore apart and redesigned. We do this all the time. Hey, sometimes a piece just doesn't quite cut it the way we want and needs to be reworked. Most of the time when this happens there are extras and tid bits left over and we send them back and forth and here's a perfect example of what can come of it! Who doesn't like to be dripping in pearls and crystals and gemstones? I really love the way this turned out, very feminine. So anyhow I'm heading off to go pick up the house a bit before heading out for Bunko night! Fun Fun! Have a wonderful and safe weekend!


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