New ebay auction

Wowza what a busy week! We've been all over the place this week plus we've had family with us from Italy and I've still squeezed it work time too so it's been a bit nutty but I do have a new auction us called Summer Passion. Specials are a little delayed this week because we've had some major storms and tornadoes even throughout the week and then the humidity and heat doesn't help either so sitting in from of a hot torch and kiln just wasn't something I was looking forward to too often this week so what I did set out to create turned into a larger set so up on ebay it went! Tonight is my cousins last night here with us :( boohoo we've had so much fun I wish they could stay longer. These 2 weeks have flow by so fast. And it's been fun taking them places and showing them "American" things. We all went to the Zoo on Monday which was a blast and Noah's first time at the Zoo and he LOVED it! I think we're taking him back in a few weeks. We hit up all sorts of malls and outlet stores near and far. Spent the day at Somerset Collection (my absolute favorite place to shop!) While we were there Carlos Guillen and his wife and baby were shopping as well so we got to meet him! I guess they were getting a little shopping in before his big game :) As much as I like baseball I have to admit I would never have known it was him if it wasn't for DH Joe, plus I was too busy drooling over his wifes new Gucci bag to notice lol!
We were supposed to head out west a bit but that's when all the storms came through really bad so we're going to have to do that another day or maybe make a weekend of it. And I know I'm leaving a bunch of other stuff out I'm sure I'm forgetting but all in all it's been a jam packed and super fun couple of weeks! The rest of the week and weekend all we're thinking of doing is swimming , relaxing and maybe checking out the new IKEA that just opened up near us. And I'm hoping to have a special or two for you! So keep checking back!


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