I'm here!

I'm Here! Sorry for being so quiet but every time I would go to update blogger would be down or super slow and my posts would get whiped out. I've been spending all of my non working time with family guests from Italy and also Joe is on vacation this week now so you probably won't hear much from me but here and there. We've got some mini trips planned and lot's of stuff to do so I'll be doing all family stuff when I"m not working and catching up on emails either early mornings or late late nights so be patient I'll write back I promise :) I've got another auction up if you get a chance take a peek! I kinda posted it pretty early PST so if it ends at a strange time for everyone I appologize for that, live and learn I suppose cause ebay does all their time in PST which when I'm not paying close attention to I forget about and it messes me up over here on East coast time but hopefully it does pretty good because I promise you it's a super cute set of beads. Click the pic above and it'll take you straight to the listing! Thanks for looking and I"ll be back with probably short but frequent updates throughout the week! Have a great day!


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