Happy Anniversary to me...er us, I mean!

Happy Anniversary to Joe & me! We celebrate 7 years of marriage tomorrow!!!
7 years has definitly flown by fast! I'm not sure what our plans are exactly but you can be sure I won't be around soon as Joe get's home from work and we get cleaned up and baby packed up we're heading out probably for dinner and some shopping. I'm on the hunt for a new painting for the kitchen I finished up making the valances on the windows and slider and I have some leftover fabric so I think I'm going to make some placemats or a runner not sure yet a great idea Megan gave me! Last night I got another creativity boost and ran out to Lowe's an picked up some plain little chandelier lampshades for the Foyer chandelier and hot glued some satin cocoa ribbon on the top and bottom edge and am going to add some beading and viola! 10 minutes later my chandelier has a whole new look! I've been on a major crafty kick the past couple of weeks it seems to come in spurts so I've learned to just go with it lol! We've got almost all of the wallpaper taken down in the master suite but I'm still deciding on the paint colors. It's been a weekend full of home improvement projects and it'll carry on through the week because I really want to get everything done by the next weekend when my cousin and her husband and little girl come from Italy. I'm so excited about their coming! It's been 6 years since we've seen eachother last! We talk quite frequently but 6 years is still a long time and we're planning to head over seas in the next year or two as well so being able to do some back an forth visiting makes it easier to be so far away from a large majority of my family. In beadier chat I've got a new auction up! Hooray , right? it's been a long time since I've had an auction up and I've got another one planned to start tomorrow! Plus hopefully some bead specials coming probably Wednesday too! I've been working on lot's of new pieces for the Brial Suite so those are coming soon as well as keeping up with bead and jewelry orders so I'll show you some sneak peeks later this week of some custom work I've been doing. Don't forget to keep voting!! I really appreciate it soooooo much and have posted the new giveaway for this week! Check it out!


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