why the long absence? My computers have been doing wacky things, both of them! I think I may have downloaded some wacky updates or a file that malfunctioned or something but I think I may have finally gotten it figured out. Anyhow didn't want to make any updates to the site just in case it wiped everything out and then Marsha would surely kick my behind for messing up her work of art she's been working hard enough as it is. Wanna see what we've been up to with BLUE NOODLE JEWELRY? Our press releases have been going out all over and doing their thang and we're featured at Thrifty Boutique here check it out! It's so exciting! and there's lot's more to come! I'll keep you posted. Ok so I've been missing a week so what else is new, surely I must have some more interesting news. Well let's see...the baby birds are fabulous, super cute and sticking their little heads up out of the nest (Pictures to come), I've been working super hard to finish up bead orders and jewelry orders and working on lot's of bridal orders this past week especially. One of my favorite things about my bridal line is that everything is so customizeable every order that comes in is customized to their specific colors for their wedding party so even if I get several orders for the same style it's never boring because I get to use different colors and am always amazed at how different it makes the same style look. Plus it allows me to work with colors I may have never worked with before and it's always fun to stock up on new colors. I've been doing some fun stuff with wire and also working with alot of pearls lately, I dunno what's come over me. On the bead front I've been working on orders some specials and lot's of beads for some special projects that I've got going on (top secret for now but maybe I'll share with you at a later date) and the beads that I am making just for fun or specials are all...say it with me...SQUEEZED! Still just can't seem to stop but they are just oh so pretty and make the perfect canvas for new techniques etc. Ok just wanted to pop in for a quick chat to let you know that I'm still here and working away! I'll have some sneak peeks for you soon and some new bead specials and lot's of other new goodies, stay tuned!


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