what's the story morning glory!?

Busy day man! Yesterday I was a major busy bee designing, creating, melting goodies and today I'm a busy bee doing website stuff, photographing and running errands. I've got some really terrific necklaces to put up today and a few other goodies as well! I've been adding fun little quotes to the site to the tops of certain galleries etc and I think later on I'm ganna work on adding a testimonial customer comments section to the FAQ page and then also sprinkle some of them around the site too AND between Star Girl and Blue Noodle me and marsha have got ourselves some really exciting ventures in the works so we will be adding Press pages very very soon too! Actually there is already one of sorts on Blue Noodle so be sure to check that out it's quite exciting! We've also got TONS of new goodies available on Blue Noodle as well! I'm heading off to go clean some beads and finish up on pics. Have a great day! I'll try to get on for more chatter later!


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