Tuesday updates and chat

Did ya have a good weekend? We sure did! It was super HOT and still is but we were running around all weekend we hardly noticed. Our friend Scott has been going to pilots school came up from Key West for a big party in his honor because he's officially a captain! It was a fun party right on the water so even with the heat it we got a nice breeze off the lake and Noah had a blast watching all the boats. We had a couple of memorial day bbq parties that we attended which is always fun. Did a lot of work outside (which resulted in some nice actual color hooray I"m not paper white anymore! lol.) Picked up some new chairs and cushions for the front porch now I'm thinking it might be time to update all the patio furniture and so the snowball effect begins, isn't that always how it works lol! I finally got some of my hanging baskets. I didn't realize just how may hooks and planters and pedestals we actually have so I'm ganna definitly need more. I think the rain is going to start up again today but I'm just glad it gave us a break for the long weekend. And we finally made our decision on the paint and technique for our kitchen and worked on that and it didn't take very long at all and turned out great! Soon as I get fabric for my new window treatments and get those up I'll take some pics and show you how our Paris Bistro inspired kitchen turned out. Aside from working on a new copper earring design prototype I did nothing bead or jewelry related all weekend long which was a very nice and much neede break but now I'm itching to get back to work and good thing too because I've got a lot of catching up to do! I'm ganna try for new beads later today. I need to charge by camera batteries and get to work! Be back later! Keep checking the bead shoppe for goodies!


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