oh where oh where...

have my little birds gone?! It's been OVER a week of non stop rain here so not a whole lotta bird watching going on just quick peeks and no conditions for picture taking but let me tell ya in under a week they have at least TRIPLED in size and yesterday officially flew the coop. Sad yet happy to see them go. It's bittersweet I suppose:) on to beadier things... I actually sat down and made some floral beads today. I don't think I've made any flowers (besides for special orders) in over a month! I still shy'd away from the cutesy looking whimsical flowers and opted for some luscious layered gem like florals instead which are my favorite kinds to make. So anyhow good thing I decided to work earlier today because I made it just in time for the full cycle of annealing all my hard work today before the rain started up again with lightening and thunder and I thought for sure the power was going to go out. Now I don't live out in the boonies but maybe not living in the city calls for shotty service because usually even just the slightest storms will make the power go in and out. Also I've been on a major earring kick this week and have been having a blast incorporating copper in my designs. I love the contrast and the silver and copper tones with gemstones is unmistakably yummy. Now I just need to set aside time for pics and uploads so be sure to check back later this week for lot's of new earrings and few other pieces I'm hoping to finish up between now and the next update. I've also been working on some new bridal pieces to add to the bridal suite. Making a big run to the PO tomorrow so if you are awaiting on goodies chances are they will be on their way to you tomorrow. Well I'm off for now. Noah wants to go hang out on Noggin.com he loves to watch all the music videos and then it's off to bed! Have a great night!


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