Monday! Let's start the week!

More new yummies getting added to the site in a bit. My good friend Lori showed me a great chain maille design and being a maille- ing fool lately I headed straight to my work table and got to work. I used a finer gauge wire so to decided to bulk it up by doubling it up I seem to always have the need to try and make things really pack a punch and oh boy does it! I've also got a great new necklace and another great maille and lampwork half bangle design that I've been creating alot of lately. I should also have a few bead specials for you later this week. No bead got made tonight however because with the weather finally warming up turns out all the spiders are waking up from their nice long winter naps and so yes I only saw one little one in my studio but I just know there are more and been there done that I can remember last year having one drop in on me ...literally...and I spazzed and burnt myself (but saved the bead! always save the bead lol!) so this year I figure I'll have Joe give the area a good spraying and hope that it takes care of things. The moths that occassionally get in don't bug me so much however I do feel bad for them as they are attracted to the firey glow of my torch and then end up torching themselves, yuk yes I know too much info, sorry! So anyhow I 've got some more squeezies but most of them are going into new designs but I will have some up for specials AND some good ol fashion round ones!!! Yes , yes I do remember how to make a regular round bead lol! I'm going to be needing to sit down and work out a new schedule because Joe is going to day shift!!! wooohoooo!!!!! I'm so excited!! it's been like 5 year since he was on days last and even though because of the start times and end times of his afternoon shift weren't all that bad it's still exciting to have him back on days especially since now we have Noah AND it's summertime! So I'm ganna have some schedule adjustments to make and adjust to. I usually work in the mornings and late nights but I think I'm ganna change it to mornings and early afternoons or even early evenings, we'll see. It'll be a week or two before the shift change actually happens so I've got time to figure out when is best for me. Ack it's going to be a crazy week! Our lease is up on our Azteck so it's getting picked up Wed. BUT the new truck (Grand Cherokee Laredo) won't be ready for like I think a week! I'm not exactly sure on when it'll be in exactly I'm hoping it won't be longer than a week but we were kinda really specific about what all we wanted it loaded with and the color so that's were the hold up is so it should be quite interesting (blah!) being with only one car for a bit. Baby birds are still shelled up. Does anyone know how long robins take to hatch? ganna have to google that one soon as I get done blabbing. Lot's going on at Blue Noodle too! Sheesh I'll be here all day blabbing but who cares! We've got several press releases going out, very very exciting. We've got hot new items going up daily. Of course we still have a few loose ends on the site that need to be filled in but Marsha has been hussling like you wouldn't belive, bless her heart! So much going on it's enough to make your head spin but it's just oh so exciting and fun! Alright if you've made it this far in my rambling for today then pat yourself on the back and THANK YOU!


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