going, going ...

This week has been non stop. Sorry if I haven't quite gotten to update as much or give you a sneak peek or two. Our new vehicle was delivered today! Hooray!!! it's gorgeous and exactly what we wanted and then some and will probably take some getting used to figuring out some of the stuff inside. No beads made today :( everytime I thought would be a good time to head out to work something else would come up so I ended up getting some much needed work done on jewelry orders and invoices and filing and computer stuff. I will most likely only have a special or two available this week because I've been bombarded with bead orders and so most of what I have been working on is already spoken for (Thanks for all the orders and being so patient!!! I really appreciate it so much!) Lot's of beadies being made for Blue Noodle as well because of some top secret on goings and in the works so hopefully I'll have some great news that Marsha will let me gush about soon!!! I'm heading out to go pull some weeds now. We had a massive storm with hail and the works blow through here so while the dirt is nice and soft I figured I'd better get out there and get those weeds pulled :) Fun stuff! ha! Be Back later!


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