Wednesday, May 03, 2006

birds and beads!

What's new today?! why it's a gorgeous three strand cream glass pearl, faceted quartz, swarovski crystals, sterling silver rounds and one extremely yummy bezel set pearl sterling box clasped bracelet! A necklace to match and earrings are very much in the works plus I also added this design to my Bridal Suite so it can also be customized with different colors as well, it's all a matter of preference. I absolutely love the way it turned out. It's been one of those great weeks where the Joolz Muse is working overtime :) And...the babies are here!!!!!!! why so blurry? well the mama and papa bird are hell bent at protecting these little ones and it was hard enough getting this shot as it was, so for now it'll have to do but take my word for it they are teeny and cute (in a kinda bald, bugged eyed creepy sort of way.) They are all smooshed together and having literally like less than 10 seconds before one of the parents come in at you like bullet (it's really quite scarey) this is the best we could do so that and the fact that they're like 8 ft up off the patio (at least) so I sent in Joe to play paparazzi (he's 6'8" so he didn't have to put forth too much of an effort except to try not to get his eye pecked out by mama bird). Tomorrow we shall try to determine if all 4 are still there and counted for, I really hope they all made it through the whole process safely.
What's going on with my studio spiders...well today I had a big fat hairy spider on my knee...needless to say I havent' decided yet if I'm going to head out to make more beads tonight or stay in and make more jewelry I have to see where my head is at later. I'll have 2 specials for sure for you tomorrow though in my bead shoppe so check back and I'll keep you posted as well!

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