ack! I've got a ton of hardboiled decorated eggs in my fridge that I forgot all about! We got a huge egg kit for Noah and spent Friday night letting him dunk them into all the various food coloring containers, cleaned up, piled them in the fridge down in the rec room and then we forgot about them! whoops :) Eggs anyone? :) lol Anyhow, I hope you all like squeezed beads as much as I do because I've done nothing but squeeze ever bit of molten glass I've created so far this week. And I have to confess quite a bit of my finished work this week is already spoken for both by customers and by me (teehee) so I'll just keep on truckin and see what I end up with and what I'll offer up to you. So keep checking back plus I send out my usual newsletter as well. Ok I'm off to go get Noah down for a nap and I'm heading out to the studio to go hammer up some silver work. Fun stuff! More later!


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