So I managed to get a few beads sets up today and as promised they were just about all squeezed except for a summer pastel set and a kitty focal. Anyhow, I've still got squeezing on the brain for tonight so I'm ganna go fire up the kiln, get a snack, get the little one to sleep and then I'm out! yup the more I think about what's on my agenda tonight the more I see more of those squeezed beauties being created and tonight I think I'm ganna play with some stranger color combo's that you wouldn't normally think would go right together and then they suprisingly'll see. I'm also really exciting to say that I've got a new review editors gig at fictionaddiction that I'm SUPER DUPER EXTREMELY exciting about!!! I'm still getting the hang of the formatting though for getting the reviews up on the sites and for but the html is pretty much a breeze for that it's just a matter of getting used to it. I have to say though I'm still in the mind set of feeling bad when I'm making corrections to others' reviews, I feel like when you'd get a report back with all the red pen marks back in school except my reviewers can't actually see the corrections I make unless they compare them to their master copy but still it's ganna take some getting used to. Speaking of, I've got some deadlines to meet for 2 of my own reviews so I'm off for now! But here's a sneak peek...still un named this piece was all wire worked and hammered by moi! I really love the way it turned out and love the pink leather, ya gotta love that pink leather lol! Lot's of silver going on here but don't get me started on how the cost of silver is sky rocketing out of control because I'll just have a big freak out over it and get nothing done so we'll just leave it here for now ;) Anyhow enjoy the sneak peek, never mind the horrible pic though it was just a quickie so I could post it for you to see but it's oh so much yummier in person and it's a large and bold pendant, I also wire worked a funky clasp on it too! Nite!


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