Monday! Let's start the week!

I've been a torching fool! I smooshed the heck out of my middle finger on my right hand but I just threw a big fat bandage on and went back to work... lol! I should have a nice range of specials and focals and I think I may even list an auction this week if I don't decide to split it up into 2 specials OR I might just make some more of these particular beads and do both an auction and a special. I'm having a blast with the focals they are turning out so cool I have to keep at least one for myself and a few for the bead retreat so I'm hoping to make lot's more this week to stash away and offer up a few to you guys! I haven't made focals in a while I forgot how fun and free form and organic they can be. I really think you'll like them. Well aside from all the bead talk I've got nothing just yet to show you but very soon! Sign up for my newsletter to be in the know as soon as anything gets posted. I'm off to go string up some yummy joolz! Have a great night!


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