Monday! Let's start the week!

Congrat's to Molly J. for winning the Saturday Giveaway! She get's to pick from my gallery of beads for 5 beads for me to make as her prize! This next time around I have a cute little summer set to give away! Check out my contest page for more info and to see the beadies! Wowza what a weeekend! I've got my phone back to ringing straight through again. We also got a lot of stuff moved for my parents they're really getting excited to have everything settled at the new house I think Wed. might be their first night sleeping there! We've moved 4 times now so I warned them that that first couple of morning it'll feel strange like when your on vacation and you wake up in your hotel room and it takes a second or two to realize where you're at lol! It's a major glum and rainy day. We had one heck of storm blow through here last night and this morning but I don't mind it as long as the weather keeps warming up like it has been and the lawn is getting greener and starting to lose it's brown spots! I can't wait to get some flowers planted into the ground and planters. I've been reading "The Big Picture" it's one of the books my friend Lori sent me and it's a goodie! Very suspenseful and man oh man the main character has really made a mess of things! I highly recommend it! So anyhow today I'll be working on some orders and working on alot of new jewelry pieces but here's another sneak peek for ya! Sandcastles necklace is coming back. After several orders for it off my In the Past page I thought I'd offer it again since you all seem to like it so much! Turquoise is still and as far as I can hope and tell will always me HOT any season and this necklace has a lot of it so enjoy! (pendant is tortoise carnelian.)


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