monday already?

Sorry I've been MIA. Bead Specials are up! Lot's of cool focals and more on the way. I seem to be really addicted to making focals and I've started up my squeezing addiction again! I just can't get enough of that bead stamp it's just the coolest shape and most comfortable and just looks so unique and artsy that I always get compliments and questions about anything squeezed that I wear which is very true because in all actuality to most people who don't know what lampwork is all the other shapes out there are very commercial and mass produced look to them but the squeeze shape no matter what size always must looks so cool and free form and people always know that it's a handmade bead they usually think it's ceramic though but all the same it has that artisan look that I just love! Anyhow, how was your Easter?! Ours was fantastic! Spent it with family and friends and had a wonderful time. Noah is in love with the Easter bunny it's quite funny. Well in beady news I have a new auction up called Americana and I'm hoping to get some focals up on ebay this week as well. I've never offered any of my focals on Ebay so we shall see how that goes. I'm so truly pleased with how all the focals turned out this week there are some that I haven't put up on the specials yet because I'm thinking I might keep them myself and make a fun choker or something but we shall see... so I've been working on a lot of new yummies this week I may have a sneak peek for you soon. Stay tuned! I know I'm forgetting to mention a ton of stuff because there has just been a lot going on lately so I'll have to chat about it as I go :) Have a great day! I'll be back later with more musings.


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