Friday, April 28, 2006

And today!!!! Look!!!!

Ta dah!!! Joe's guess was she was carrying 7 my guess was 4 or 5. What do I win? hmmm...maybe a new pair of shoes bwahahahaha! Aren't they the prettiest blue? I have some robin's egg frit and I'm seeing some robin's egg beads in my near future ...smoshed into squeezes of course lol! Oh also Joe took the picture that is why it's sort of off center I had to be on the look for mama bird cause she's really protective and really like to swoop and Joe's a wuss. It's been quite fun the last few days crying out "Look Out!!!" or " Oh My God!!!" just as he peers over the top of the nest. ahahahahaha it's quite funny! Happy Friday!!!


Lori Anderson Designs said...

Do you have any glass like that blue? What an inspiration those eggs are!


Star*Girl said...

Yeah lori I do! I think I might just have to dust it off and get to work :) It's amazing the places we find inspiration and always when you least expect it.