Tuesday updates and chat

Failure to Launch was fantastic! Me and Carrie had a HUGE smorgusboard of junk food, nachos & popcorn and laughed our butts off. Such a funny movie! Plus Matthew Mchottie and Sarah Jessica are two of my most favorites so I knew it was going to be a good one. Got a lot done this weekend but not quite everything on our list. Going to have to work on the new french door later this week. We got a little sidetracked. I still haven't found my desk or chair so the search continues. The rest of this week I'm going to get myself caught up on my bead orders so I can set aside some much needed time to get some fun beads made for the Bead Retreat that's coming up in May. That's not too far off! Ack! I'm so excited though and I think that is all me and Carrie can yak about everytime we get together! It'll be really neat to put faces to all the names of artists we chat with on the boards. So anyhow I'm still putting together new pieces for the Spring/Summer line and I've got some fun specials started and planned for this week so stay tuned for those. Marsha is busy busy working on my makeover! I'm so excited and it's a bit strange to see it! I've got behind the scenes access ;) It's alot of more funkier and funner and colorful than what I've got right now and will be a nice change it'll be a bit yet but I'll let you know how it's going! Anyhow I'm off to get some work done before I can't keep my eyes open anymore :) Night!


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