Hooray! it's the weekend! I've got another sneak peek for you. I've been on a major earring designing kick. Earrings are alwasy fun to add to a wardrobe so I always try to have a lot of them to choose from on my site but the pickings have been slim lately so I'm restocking using some great spring/summer designs I've been sketching and playing around with. I've got a lot of orders both bead and jewelry that I'm trying to wrap up this weekend so they can ship and I can start on the next batch. I finally convinced Joe that we need a new camera so off we went yesterday and got a really nice one but I'm still trying to learn how to use it it's a Sony Digital and cam corder it was easy setting it up but not so easy to figure out how to get my pics on my computer I'm still working on that, wish me luck lol! I'm hoping to get some shopping in this weekend as the moving day creeps up for my parents I look around the new house and realize that it's going to really feel empty and huge without them here anymore and it's sad and exciting at the same time kind of a strange combo right but sad that they won't be here (even though they're only moving like 2 miles away) but exciting because I'll finally get to unpack everything and rediscover our stuff and sad to see all my parents awesome furniture go lol! but exciting to start filling our new house with more stuff so I've got a few pieces that I'll be on the look out for this weekend. I'm going for a sort of vintage antique traditional look in the family room where I'll be doing most of my designing and work. I'm hoping to find a beautiful writers desk and carved wood and fabric chair but I'm really picky with what I have in mind so I don't want to get just anything so i'm hoping I'll run into that perfect piece soon. I think Joe might be installing our new french door to the rec room this weekend. We've put two of them up in our old house and absolutely love them plus since we've done it twice before hopefully it'll be quick and easy to do this time around lol! So Noah's obsession with Jack's Big Music Show is ever growing it's so funny he literally cannot peal his eyes away from the tv when it's on OR anything that Laurie Berkner is on. I play her cd's in the car for him and he loves it and I saw the commercial for her new dvd on tv and jumped right on and ordered it and it came today so he was so loving it! Plus it came with her newest cd too so even I'm excited to hear some new songs lol! Looking forward to all new shows Sunday! at least I think they're new it seems like forever since there's been a new Desperate Housewives and me and Carrie are planning on catching a flick this weekend I think it's been literally years since either one of us has been to the movies so we're trying to make a point of starting to go more often. I'll let you know if it's any good! ok wow! enough with the chat jeez did you make it this far if so I hope I didn't bore you and I hope you enjoy the sneak peek! Have a great weekend I'll try to have a few more throughout the weekend!


wobbeegone said…
i don't know about jack but i love that curious george song that the guy sings under water. i want to take jack to see that when it comes to town.

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