oh la la! It's so purdy!

So what do you think?! Marsha did a great job on my makeover! I love it! It's fun and cheery. I really appreciate all the wonderful emails letting me know you guys love it too! I really love the way the new lampwork gallery turned out. I hope it's easier for you guys to find what you are looking for! I still forget where I'm at for a second when I go to it. It's like oops I thought I typed in my URL...oh hey yeah this IS my site! lol! It'll take me a little getting used to :) Anyhow, I've got one new special for you today. A classic black & white set full of cool designs and shapes. I like putting them up whenever I want and I'm glad you guys are liking it better this way too. I don't care that some sets sit longer because the pros to listing things randomly is that I don't have to feel stuck taking orders on things I don't want to and that had been leaving me more time to work on other orders instead of remakes and lot's more play time! I've been really stepping it up trying new things and I think I'm going to be having some BIG organic-ish focals soon. I know certain colors are more popular than others during certain seasons etc so they'll tend to go faster than others so be sure to pop in regularly to check when new things are posted. I've been working on lot's of new jewelry pieces too! I'll post a few sneak peeks throughout the rest of the week for you! This week is going to be super duper busy. My parents are moving out this week. The floors in my parents' new home are going to all be finished tomorrow so there will be no walking on them for a day or so and then there will be a whole lotta of moving going on and the movers will be doing the majority of it Sat. so then I'll be busy finally unpacking the rest of our stuff! I'm so excited to see where we'll decide to put stuff! It's going to be strange not having them here anymore even though they're only moving 2 miles away but still. I think I'll feel like the parents with empty nest syndrome like when the kids go off to college lol! Also all phone orders will continue to go to voice mail until the end of the week. Thanks for your patience. Ok I'm off for now! Have a great night!


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