later that same day...

They're up!!!
I called my internet provider (don't worry, I behaved myself) they did a test signal and said it wasn't how it was supposed to be so they're going to send someone out tomorrow between 8-12 (don't you just love those types of appointments, yeah let me just sit at home all day and wait for you, really I don't mind...) and they're supposed to come and figure out the whole signal thing and were the problem is but they also told me to go get a new box so I went and did that and already I can tell a big difference so I'm thinking it was the box. Seriously I wish I could have taken a picture of the two to compare. Me and joe were laughing so hard we've had that old box for years and it's like the difference between cells phones now a days and Zach Morris' Saved by the Bell cell phone monstrosity lol! So I'm hoping this mean's problemed solved. Anyhow enjoy the specials I'll be back later to update.


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