Happy St. Patty's Day!

Noah got his Easter pic's taken today! This is one of my favorites he absolutely loves having his picture taken and video. Our cam corder has a swivel LCD screen and thinks it's so cool to be able to watch himself while we tape him lol! I didn't get to pinch anyone today:( ah well, there's always next year lol! So I think I found my desk. The perfect one! It's a bit more pricey than I had hoped for but I'm telling you it's perfect! Isn't that always how it goes? ;) We're heading out to check out another one that my mom had seen and to compare and then I'll make my decision. Either way with the order process and delivery I think it'll be at least 3 weeks. We did find the bar stools that we've been looking for and ordered those. Joe was pretty excited about that because it's going to add some nice finishing touches to his "Man room" aka the rec room. And hooray for Pier 1 because I was able to find a replacement cushion (and a much prettier one that the one we had I have to say) for our bamboo papasan chair I was really excited about that. I almost chucked it thinking I'd never find a cushion for it.

Here's another sneak peek. Marsha sent me these pearls! I love them! These are beautiful green and powder pink freshwater pearls all wire wrapped and with a touch of Swarovski crystals. They have a very sexy dangle to them and are lot's of fun to wear so look for those up on the storefront soon. I've been on a creating frenzy. So many ideas floating around in my head and I'm constantly sketching out new possibilities and have been having alot of fun bringing them to life. So anyhow I'll be popping in and out all weekend so keep checking back to see when I plan on posting the bead specials because this weeks been a bit nutty and I've got a few sitting here I just need to get pics and then I have a few more sets started so I'm going to try and get those done this weekend an add them to the mix as well. Beads and more sneak peeks to come! Have a great weekend!!


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