bladdi dadddi dah! it's wednesday

<-----Yummy Carnelian puffed squares and lot's of fine sterling silver chain oh lala!

What do I got for ya today?! well I have another sneak peek and a really cool link! I put some finishing touches on two necklaces today! I'm really happy with the way they turned out and usually it's quite a feat to get a necklace design that I'm happy with so it was a good design day! Ok I'm off to reply to emails sorry I've been slacking a bit lot's going on right now but I've got lot's of phone calls to be made too so I'm slacking there as well, I've got friends who probably think I've dropped off the earth but I'M HERE! I'm just being a slacker and taking advantage of lazy time whenever I get it :) Plus my phone # is still going to voice mail so I rarely answer the phone or even think about it really it's been kinda nice with no telemarketers lol! Ok I'm off for now! Don't forget to check out my current auction! It's a super duper cutey!


Carrie said…
HEY!!! LOVE the Kaliedascope link! I will have to let Alyssa do it. She will love it too. :) I still need that Giselle necklace!
Star*Girl said…
I have all my finished pieces in their own jewelry boxes and then packed in a box but I think I can finally get to it now :) next time we get together I'll have to lay it all out for you to go through because 90% of it isn't even up on the site yet so you might even find some other pieces you want too.:)
Kaliedascope is addicting! lol!

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