Friday, February 24, 2006


One of my New Years resolutions that I have yet to do is better book keeping and filing and organization on the business end of things. It's so overwhelming and I say I'm going to do it every year and I haven't yet. I'm not complaining at all I feel very fortunate for my success in doing what I love to do but now I'm making myself buckle down and finally get with the program so that is one of the major things I'm starting on today. I'll be adding spacers to my bead special sets the consensus I've been hearing from you all is that you like 5 decorated 2 spacers so there you go I will do my very best to do that for you. I used to hate making spacers. It would drive me insane to leave a bead undecorated but I really see the importance of having a few spacers for fillers in a design so I will comply and add spacers for you. I have another set started that I LOVE!!!! big surpise right? lol the colors were inspired by the most gorgeous pair of Manolos EVER! I'm hoping to be able to finish off the set soon but I"m not sure if I should keep going with it and put them up on the bay or split them up for specials, I'll have to think about it but I know I'm making extra's because Marsha is making me a pair of chain Maille earrings and incorporating my beads into them and so I'm ganna whip up some Manolo beads for them. Speaking of ebay I have a new set up that I listed yesterday be sure to check that out if you have a chance. The pictures aren't that great because I was having some camera troubles but of course got it figured out today and got great pics but I've already got a bid so I can't change or updated the pics. oh well just take my word for it they are super cute and prettier in person. Here's a new better pic. It's late but I have a few loose ends to tie up and beadies to put away before heading to bed. I'll try and give another update over the weekend, not sure what our plans are yet but I hope you have a good one!
PS. Noah's second tooth is up and out! woohoo! two first teeth in one week that's a lot of work for my little guy and not a peep out of him about it either! We're ganna have a little tooth celebration tomorrow:)

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