Monday, February 20, 2006

Skating Discomfort?

Noah's first tooth is here! and the one next to it is on it's way too! It's so exciting! Noah is really enjoying the Olympics. He loves to watch the doubles figure skating he's mesmerized watching them, I on the other hand love to watch also however find that once a move is manuvered where the girl get's flipped and twirled and the underwear bottoms tend to creep up all crooked but she still has like 2 more minutes left in the program to finish I feel her discomfort for the rest of the time left. It drives me nuts for her! It just looks so uncomfortable and to have to force yourself to concentrate and finish a flawless skate and avoid the urge to pick that creeper out of your bum must take a lot of patience. Russia is phenomenol in doubles long program in my humble opinion. Anyhow today I'm feeling much better, still with the scarey voice but it's getting better. Joe on the other hand not so much. He's been running 102 and 103 temps all weekend and I think it finally broke today so hopefully he'll be feeling better soon too. He's about 2 days behind me in symptoms. I got a lot of packing and shipping done today and there is more to do tomorrow and then I should be all caught up! woohoo! I'm going to be working on getting pictures of new items tomorrow as well and then I'll start on Bead Specials for next week and work on finishing up some new auctions because what I do have started look terrific and I'm excited to get them done. It's exciting to me when I create a set that I love so much I want to keep for myself, that's when I know I'm doing something right and not just creating something just to have something done and lately I've been very pleased with a lot of my work so I'm very happy about that. I may have a sneak peek or two for you tomorrow so check back! Have a great night!

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