More sneak peeks

I have been a busy bee this week! It's been non stop and I've been on a creative kick to boot creating lot's of new pieces for the spring/Summer Collection. I've been working on pictures and I need to do a few model shots for a few of the new pieces tomorrow because they are super chunky and just don't look right on a neck display or just laying flat for the pics so I'm going to have to get a model (me, mom and/or Joanne lol) to let me borrow their necks for a necklace shot. Which I don't mind because it will give you a more true view of the size and style and look of the pieces. It was such a nice day today! Still cold but sunny. I'm getting really excited for Spring I was unpacking a lot of my Spring shoes and I cannot wait to get back into those open toe styles. Speaking of spring I'm also really excited for my birthday weekend (May) me and Carrie are going on a Bead Retreat! We've booked ourselves our spots already and will be spending the weekend up north with TONS of other beady friends and fellow lampworkers that you know and love from the world wide web! Lot's of them flying in from all over to do demo's, bead trades and just hang out and be beady lol! There will be lot's of torches and supplies set up and we're bringing a bunch of goodies to trade and just have a blast. The guys will be on Mr. Mom duty and they'll only be a few miles away at the hotel but there will be lot's of activities going on there to keep them and the kids busy as well. It's going to be so cool to meet all these talented and wonderful fellow artists in person! So exciting! So I've been trying to think of some cool new beads to make and take for trades. Spring and summer are always my most busiest seasons so I need to be sure to set aside some time to create new things to bring between now and May. It's really not that far off when you think about it! Anyhow here's another sneak peek for you. I LOVE this necklace it's very bold and chunky and BOHO. All genuine large Turquoise with freshwater pearls thrown in every so often in a cocoa brown. It's coming soon! See what I mean about it laying flat not doing the piece any justice at all. Wait until you see it on! Enjoy!


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