Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monday! Let's start the week!

Oh Ok so I'm not Irish I'm Italian all the way but I do love my clip arts! lol! Joe's part Irish so I'll post them for him lol! I've got an auction ending in a day or two and another one ready to head up on the bay! So be on the look out for that it's a super cute set! I'm going to try and post it tomorrow I think.

This is going to be such a crazy busy week! I'm not complaining I'm actually quite excited to be doing some of the things I'll be doing. Lot's of custom orders and most of them are doing things I haven't created before so they'll be nice additions to the site once they're complete. I'm pushing back the Bead Specials because I'm really busy with orders right now but I have several specials started to I just need to keep at em and get them finished so I'm aiming for Wednesday. I'm glad you guys love my new bunny beads! I love making them so I think I'll keep taking orders on those for a while. Speaking of Bead Specials there was minor glitch with my server today so that is why the site was down for a bit only thing though is it wiped out my bead specials page so bare with me while I get all my bead pictures back up of the beads that I'm accepting orders on. If you remember which ones you want go ahead and email me with your order, you don't have to wait for the page to be back up and running again. I am still accepting orders.

Here's another yummy sneak peek for you! This is the 3rd time I've been commissioned to create this necklace and I NEVER get sick of it! How could you!? Look at it! It's gorgeous! There are so many wonderful colors Swarovski makes but AB is always a sure stunner. When in doubt go AB. Ok so I've got a review to work on and a stack of advanced copies on the way so I'm heading off to read. I worked on some pictures today and I have a bunch more to take tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have more sneak peeks for you tomorrow! Enjoy!

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