Midweek round up!

New set up on the bay! Check it out I'm pretty proud of this set. I have not seen bunnies made this way so dare I say it! These are MY original bunny beads AND one of them is wearing one of MY original bubble pod style flowers in her hair. They are a blast to make and super cute and they sit flat so they won't turn on you like if you use them in a bracelet and they are super comfy on the wrist that way.

What else is new? I'm working on lot's of new jewelry pieces. I'm into the Spring fashion mode BIG time! I'm so looking forward to warmer weather. Noah's starting to cut his second tooth right next to his first one and it looks sooooo stinking cute I can't stand it! lol! I've started an Alice Hoffman book called Blackbird House I'll let you know what I think once I'm further into it. What else?...I just know I'm forgetting something but my brain is mush right now I've been answering tons of emails and working on pictures so I'm off for now to go get a snack and curl up and read for the night.
PS. I'm hoping to have another auction up in a day or two hopefully. It's another really cute one so keep checking back! Have a great night!


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