Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Midweek round up!

Play, play, play! I've been havnig fun playing at the torch all week however most of the beadies are already spoken for but I"m working on a few specials too! So no worries.

I should have an ebay set up later this week. It's a Valentine's day set and will probably most likely aside from custom orders be my last V day themed set for the year! I've been having fun playing with organic styles and silvers today. I'm not sure whether there is anything worth showing you but I had fun none the less.
My baby is 6mths old!!! Can you belive it!? that just blows my mind...and tears me up a bit! lol! I was finishing unpacking all of his boxes and sorting through clothes that don't fit anymore and what to save and what to donate and what to give away and I came upon his coming home from the hospital outfit and yeah that tiny little outfit did me in. I just couldn't help it! :) Plus he's starting to cut a tooth! It's going to be so funny to see that great big sweet smile with teeth! So anyhow I've got a mountain of laundry to do and lot's more unpacking to do too. I'm finding so many things I forgot I ever had, jeez! Oh and I have an Easter/Spring themed auction ending tomorrow swing on by the bay and check that out if you have a chance! Have a great day!

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