Happy Valentine's Day!

Yup! It's Valentine's Day Clip art overload! Enjoy! I couldn't not use them and I had a ton of them so here they are:) Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I had actually forgotten that it was V day because I had gone shopping on Super Bowl Sunday for Joe for V day and I couldn't resist giving him his presents that same day so it never occured to me that it was v day until he showed up home with a beautful spring bouquet of flowers! Very pretty blend too! Noah got some more soft blocks and teething toys and is feeling a little bit better today I think the antibotics are really kicking in now.
I got beads made they are all spoken for already and they are really fun to make I think I'll put them up to take orders for them because they seem to be really popular lately, I think you guys are really ready for Spring and summer...duh what am I talking about you're probably thinking?! I'm mean my garden critter beads! I'm ganna go put a temp. pic up on my Get Beads for order for ya!
I've also been working on another 12 strand gorgeous custom order for my good friend and customer Christy who always has incredible ideas and I love collaborating with her because she has totally awesome taste and ideas when it comes to jewelry. I'm also working on several other pieces for her that I'm really excited about I'll have to show you some pics as soon as I can get some for you.
My bridal orders are coming along great. I can never say it enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE creating bridal jewelry and working with Swarovski crystals. I have the most wonderful brides I get to work with and I always feel so special that I got to be a part of their special day.
I'm finishing up another great Barbara Burnett Smith mystery called Skeletons in Purple Sage which is a real page turner. I hope to finish it up tonight so I can start one of the many books my friend Lori sent me. I'll let you know what it is as soon as I decide :) So there's an update and a whole lotta clip art to enjoy lol! I'm ganna go work on some new bracelets and earrings and I'll chat with you all more tomorrow! Go hug someone you love!


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