bleck! it's monday!

hehe this picture is just so fitting and funny you don't even know:) Anyhow yes I'm not a happy camper today or very much this weekend. I thought we would actually get away with no getting sick this season HA! wishful thinking, we've become the sickies. Even worse is always a sick baby :( poor Noah is snotty and coughing and feverish and not a big fan of his meds I don't think that just because they say it's has a new cherry flavor or whatever they say that it actually makes it taste good because by the look on his face he's not too pleased. My vent system is on the frits not that I have felt up to making beads so now I'm approx. 4 days or so behind in my orders but I promise I will make it up to you guys by adding some nice little extra suprises in with your orders just bear with me and just hope that we all start feeling better soon. On a happier note I'm getting THE best V day gift ever! I'm finally getting me a new big kiln! woohoo!!! it's being built so it'll be several weeks but so worth the wait! I have loved my trusty bead annealer but I'm ready for my new kiln I was originally just going to go for a new bead annealer and then later trade up again if I needed to but Joe said if I already have plans to trade up again later then I mine as well go all the way now because I hope to get into PMC, slumping and fusing also and this new kiln will allow me to do all of those things and bead work so all the way I went. Anyhow just wanted to pop in with a little update I'll be back on tomorrow! Have a great night!


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