blah blah well not so much

Good thing I don't need to talk in order to blog! My voice is gone today:( apparently this cold/flu thing works in stages and today it left me speechless which is pretty rare and hard to do lol! I got yet another humungus shipment of Swarovski crystals to stock up on today so that helped to lift my sick spirits. I've been working on alot of bridal orders and a mucho fabulous custom order that consists of several pieces for a dear friend and customer of mine. I plan on adding these pieces to be available for custom order on the store front and since I've already created several pieces for Christy there is already a necklace named after her and I like to do that whenever possible for example many of my bridal suite pieces are named after the brides that they originated from because almost everything starts out as a custom order here at Star Girl. So my brain has been busy thinking up new names for these new pieces. Nothing like being surrounded by yummy crystals and sitting down to create sparklies while watching the Olympics! My cousin Francesco lives in Turino so it's pretty cool for me to watch. I've never made it up as far North as Turino so it's pretty interesting to see especially when they show clips away from the events.

I got quite a bit of torch time in today again so my bead order catch up plan is doing very well it's looking like it's going to be a very busy packaging and shipping day Monday & Tuesday. I'm hoping to even have one of my auction sets completed and maybe even a special or two for you! Oh and by the way Goodnight Noboday was a fabulous read! The author Jennifer Weiner (also wrote In Her Shoes book turned movie starring Cameron Diaz & Shirley McClain now out on DVD!) is a member of my BookMasters Group and always graciously joins in for author chat and Q & A. I have organized it for all of her books as well as other authors. I haven't talked to her about doing Goodnight Nobody yet but after finishing it up I'm really excited about it. It's always nice when she let's us pick her brain. What shall I pick up next? hmmm...ok I'm off to go see what I feel like tucking up in bed with tonight! Have a great night!


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