Wednesday, January 25, 2006

what day is it?

what a weekend. We survived the move with the help of fantastic friends and family and a lot of hard work. There are still a few things left at the old house and I'll be spending the morning cleaning it from top to bottom while Joe loads up the last of the items and then this weekend once my sister get's her uhaul we'll do the switcheroo of the washer and dryer because we both have nice new sets that we want to take with us and my parents are getting all new appliances for the new house anyways so it works out superb. I have my studio set up...well it's getting there but it's set up enough for me to work and work I have been doing! I've been so extremely exhausted by the packing and moving and stressed to the max at trying to get everything in order and organizing as much as possible cause I'm a freak like that so melting glass late at night has been heaven. So I should have some yummy specials for you this week and an auction as well maybe two. I've been playing with new colors that I discovered I had durring the packing of the studio and revisiting a few oldie but goodies from my catalog for new pictures which reminds me that I'm going to have to try and get the rest of my stuff unpacked because my photo studio set up majobby is still tucked away somewhere so if searching and setting it up doesn't become a priority this week I'll hope for a clear enough day to get some semi decent pics for the specials. I'll get some pics of the new house posted soon too hopefully we'll get some good weather our way soon. I'm off for now to go burn the midnight oil and string up some bridal joolz and a pretty funkadelic BOHO style looooooonnnnnnggggg necklace perfect for layering multiple times or letting flow long, it's hot hot hot this season! Sneak peeks to come of course! Have a great night! CURRENTLY READING: Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

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