New ebay auction

Wowsa I don't think I have ever had this many bead auctions up at once before at least not for a long time. I've been putting them up as 7 day auctions this past week that way I figure it helps me feel less pressure and that there will be something up to hold you guys over. I've had a rush of creativity this past week having a really fun week because I usually have someone of a lapse in between auctions because I'm not one to just list beads just to have them up. So I've been having some pretty productive work time woohoo! And my friend Julie told me my little buckeye bubble flowers pod things she's never seen anyone do those so now I'm feel like I'm walking on air thanks Julie! I wasn't sure so I didn't say anything because I have seen plenty of artists do the bubbles and the pods but never to combine and then add leafs to make them look like those little buckeye flowers and the thing about it is they are so fun to do and they are a smooth detail flowers so they are really comfy to wear. Anyhow thanks for making my day Julie! I'm going to leave up the top V day special for more orders, you guys really seem to like those thanks! I'm finishing up some others and then I'll put up a few more specials on Friday and I'll still take orders on just hearts too. Ok, I have some running around to do but I'll be back in a bit! The sun is actually out today! Have a great day!


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