New auction & specials!!!

Wowsa it feels like I haven't had specials up in forever...hmm, actually it has been quite a long time, yikes! Well one of my new years resolutions is to post specials no matter if it's only one or 10 once a week and to try and keep something up on ebay too so I can build my ebay status back up since I took almost an entire year off from selling my beadies on ebay while I was pregnant so I have a lot of catching up to do to get my name back out there for customers that don't or didn't find me from my site first. I'm also planning alot of cool stuff for the site and Marsha and me are putting our heads together for a crazy cool new look. How much does my Marsha luv me? THIS MUCH!!!!! lol! PS. I have 2 more specials that didn't make it up because at some point in my picture taking I must have switched off the close range picture taking mode and so the pics didn't turn out as planned so either I'll put them up later or I'll save them for this coming weeks specials. Yeah it's Friday and I'm in a goofy mood! I've been working on some really cool orders and I've got plans for some new stuff to work on this weekend. Plus lot's more packing and moving to do. We're going to be working on clearing out Noah's new room so we can start working on his new room! We LOVE the way we did his room the first time around so we're going to do it the same way this next time around too but with a couple of cool new upgrades and fun stuff added in because his new room is larger so we have a bit of fun little features to play up. What's not fun is packing with cat's around! eeek! I had just packed up a box of joe's summer clothes and left the room for a bit to grab the rest of it out the laundry so I then I head back to start a new box and tape up the one I just finished and Jasmine had somehow gotten into it and had set up shop like it was her new digs I almost didn't even notice but Phoebe was acting all strange and then I heard the box move so I open it all up and low and behold there's Jasmine! Jeez I had even set the box down in the laundry room so who knows when I would have even noticed her missing and I doubt I would have ever figured I PACKED HER!!!! Who knows when I would have found her! Well now I"m just too paranoid so I don't tape up I just fold the tops all in in that annoying puzzle like way that's hard to figure out at first, well at least for me it is lol! Anyhoo, New auction is up and specials are good to go! If I don't get in in time to mark SOLDS I will make doubles, triples etc of the sets that have more than one buyer because it is going to be a busy weekend for me. Hope you have a terrific one! I gotta go watch Dancing with the Stars!!!!


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