Midweek round up!

Happy Wednesday! and a snowy one it is here in MI. ok this week is really flying by it's pretty crazy and panicking since there is still so much to do! I'm leaving all of our clothes in their drawers and just removing the drawers to move separatly so each draw is like a little suitcase to live out of temporarily and then we each have a box with our name on it that I like to call our Last/First boxes filled with the things that are last to be moved and the first to be unpacked that way the important stuff is still easy to find. And all of my jewelry and glass supplies are for sure very last to move because I'm busy working away in between packing boxes and loading them up. It's been much much easier for me to get up early to get my bead orders worked on than to try and do them durring the day or later in the evening because by that time I'm to whipped and my mind is spinning so I leave my jewelry orders for evening something about stringing yummy baubles that helps me wind down. Here's a peek at a new bracelet coming soon and whole lot more of these in variations this one is called Southwestern Style it's chain maille with my handmade lampwork glass beads accented by Bali sterling. Email me if you are interested and just can't wait until it goes up which could be a couple of weeks while I get other pieces finished up. I love the look of these pieces! I've also got a pendant to match that comes on an 18" sterling snake chain! Anyhow I'll have some more sneak peeks for you to enjoy here and there so stay tuned! I'm off for now. Joe has a closing and I'm heading to the PO to ship out and to nab myself a change of address form. Be back for more chatter later! Have a great day!


Julie said…
Oooooohhh.....what an *extremely* yummy bracelet!!! I like it!!
Star*Girl said…
Thanks Julie! It's really comfy to wear too I might have to keep it for myself lol!

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