Midweek round up!

It's a crazy and chaotic week so far and I don't think it'll lessen up until out move is complete which should be about 2 weeks. So much to do! I'm going to try really hard to stay on track with Bead Specials and auctions but they may be sporatic for a couple of weeks because I'm ganna work mostly on bead and bridal/jewelry orders and moving so I'm ganna do my "squeeze an extra bead in between here and there" trick and then see if there is anything good worth offering you ( I'm picky and a perfectionist I can't help it.) I've got bunnies and carrots coming up for sale in this weeks specials and I think what I'll do is take orders on those too. I've got a 3 on 3 style chain maille bracelet I'm working on, man those are just so cool I'm making one for myself. I'll try and get some sneak peeks up for you later this week too!
Woohooo my fabbity fab friend and fellow book junkie Lori from
Lori Andersen Designs and I had a book box swap so today my box came and not only is it jammed packed with all new reads for me but she so sweetly included the 2 gorgeous scarves that she made! I'll have to get pics and show you because they are luscious and in my favorite colors! THANK YOU LORI! She's so sweet!
alright cutting it short tonight my muscles are so sore! Nighty Night!
PS. the pic is from this funky cool website that totally cracks me up http://www.spoonman.com/catalog.htm


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