Midweek round up!

Well first I have to say Congratulations to my DH Joe! He's Century 21 Allstar Real Estate (My mom's company) Realtor of the Month for December! He had the most closings and I think there's going to be a little clip in the paper with his pic. We're all really proud of him and he's really excited.
In bead news,
I have a new auction up non V day themed ( I know that's what you all want right now and there is lot's more on the way!)but still super pretty and one of my most favorite color combo's to work with even though it's really hard to get a good pic of the true coloring. I have another set sitting here ready to go up but I think I'm going to hang onto it a bit longer so I'll have something to hold you over until I get more done because I'm playing major catch up on orders this week but it'll be a good week because so far all my orders are for beads sets that I haven't made in a while and they are all favorites too! Plus I don't have a picture retake of most of them yet so that works out good too! I love it when things come together like that don't you just wish everything was like that? lol! BEAD SPECIALS are planned for Friday still! I'm loving my bridal orders this week too! The colors are gorgeous and in another order it's something totally new and different for me all together and so cool so I'm loving it! I'm cutting it short for now but I'm ganna try and get on with some sneak peeks later this evening so stay tuned! And a HUGE thank you to everyone's nice emails congratulating us on our new home. You guys are so sweet and I think that is what I love most about my job is that even though most of you I have never met you are all still a big part of my daily life and I love to hear from all of you! I'll be back in a bit! In the mean time enjoy this cute little pic I got in an email today!


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