It's the BIG MOVING weekend!

Just popping in to say happy Friday! It's the big moving weekend for us. Joe's picking up the Uhaul bright and early (which is around 11am for us lol) and so as you can see no specials and no auctions this week :( boo hoo but I'm all geared up to keep working so there shouldn't be a delay in orders and if all goes well with setting up the new studio I might even have some goodies for you this coming week! I'll keep you updated on the progress. I finally buckled down and went for it... a totally overhaul cleaning/packing up of the studio I AM SUCH A SLOB!!!! that's the bottom line! It was such a mess but the cool thing about it is I found glass I didn't even know I had and frits and little tools and silver and all sorts of cool stuff that I totally forgot about and some that I have never used before! So I'm looking forward to my new studio set up and joe and my dad are hooking me up with a pretty cool new set up. I was super sad to be leaving my studio because it's truely a little piece of heaven up there, the space is very artsy and so I was feeling bummed but now I'm really excited about the move and the new studio set up so it's all good. So anyhow I may be MIA this weekend but I'll be able to check my email and will try to get back to you in a timely fashion. Hope you have a terrific weekend!


funshinie said…
i really love your lampwork beads! wish they were priced a little lower so i could actually buy some though! :) great works
Star*Girl said…
Hi! and thanks for the wonderful compliment! I try very hard to keep my prices so everyone can buy and enjoy my beads so I try to keep a nice range of beads when choosing certain colors and designs so keep checking back on my specials pages because I work really hard to offer specials at "special" prices otherwise what's the point, right? lol also be sure to check my ebay auctions.
Thanks again!

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