Home Sweet Home

So here's the new house, we're all moved it, starting to settle in, lot's of unpacking still to be done but that's all been pretty fun so far. The back yard is spectacular I'm really looking forward to getting my hands dirty and putting lot's of flowers in both the front and the back I'll have to show you pics when the time comes because it's really pretty back there. Joe's favorite that he's looking forward to spending alot of time up on the large balcony/porch with the wrought iron staircase that comes down onto the patio. There's access to the back by lot's of sets of sliders so it's nice for entertaining and spending time outside and we have two of the funniest cutest beagle mix neighbors larry and curly that love to stick their big fat heads through the fence to get a good scratch behind the ears...I can't resists they are too cute and have the funniest howl scratchy sounding barks, it sounds like a smokers bark bwahahaha I'm so funny! Goofy me again! well that's because it's Friday!!! I have actually gotten a lot done this week! There will be specials tomorrow!!! I've also got a new auction up it's a cute Easter springy set you can check that out HERE if you like. I'm heading off to bed but I'll be back later to post specials and mail out my email reminder early in the day to give you a heads up on the specials! Have a great day!!


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