Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Monday!!

Did ya have a good weekend?! we had a busy and fun one painting Noah's new room and moving more stuff. This week is going to be probably one of the major moving ones so I'm going to concentrate strickly on getting caught up on my orders both beads and joolz so I'm not making any promises right now for specials or auctions just yet we'll have to see how the week goes because right now bead orders are looking at 2-3 weeks and I'd like to get one week ahead on them so that way I can give myself a week in case I need a whole week to get my new studio set up so we'll see how that goes too.

Anyhow I made a big PO run on Friday so most of you probably already have you beads and joolz already and I'm wrapping and bubbleing and stuffing more parcels of goodies and will be making shippments through out the week so you'll get delivery conf. email when your order is up and out so keep a look out! I've still got a few sneak peeks for you coming later this week also. Off to tuck up in bed with a good read. Have a great night!

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