busy bee me!

I have been busy learning my frontpage! It's quite fun and SOOOOOO much easier since Marsha is walking me through it. I was doing it totally different and making things waaaaaay more complicated the way I was trying to learn it and do it before, this is much much better! I hated having my Bead Specials on my old yahoo page it just didn't look professional or as good as the rest of my site. Marsha does amazing work and hard work keeping me looking pretty and updated and now that I'm learning how to do my own specials page it'll take a load off for her and it leaves me (and my site) feeling put back together again :) I've been busy with bridal orders and custom bead orders still but plan to get some torch time in this week for specials and a new auction. I'm on a major lentil kick this past week and I'm pretty sure it will continue because they are probably one of my favorite to make and most comfortable to wear next to the squeeze. I've been getting a lot of requests for my lemonade lentils so I think I might whip up a batch of those for specials this week too! Plus I have a ton of ideas for beads that I want to make for myself for some new jewelry peices to wear for the Spring and Summer. I like when I get to take the time to make myself beads to play with too. Well the unpacking is going well. I have almost all of my kitchen stuff unpacked and put away and displayed in my upstairs kitchen and I still have a lot of empty drawers and cabinets!!! yipes! I still have another kitchen downstairs to stock. The one downstairs I'm leaving to Joe to decorate and stock because it's down off of the rec room aka. Joe's room and so he plans to make it a game, card playing, entertaining, bar room so I think the only real cooking that will be going on down there will be for holidays when we have everyone over. And someone please slap me because I went on to tell Joe that the reason I hate to cook and rarely do is because up until now I haven't had a big & nice enough kitchen to inspire me. AHAHAHAH!!! I hate to cook! I don't know why I said it! What the heck is wrong with me? Joe's the cook in this house. He actually really likes it and it's become like a comforting hobby type thing for him. Works for me! lol! Ok enough blab for tonight more chit chat tomorrow! Have a great night!


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