what day is it again?

Is it Wednesday already? Ohh almost Thursday? wow ever have one of those weeks were there is so much going on that the days all seem to mush together? lol! I don't think I'll have any specials this week MAYBE a teeny tiny set or two but we'll see. I''m playing catch up this week and maybe even next week too we'll see how things go. And apparently the ear thread style earrings are very HOT and in, more so than I thought because I'm getting hit up with orders for them left and right I was pretty shocked because I haven't had a request for them in a while then I put together 2 pairs for the jewelry show and they were snatched up at the blink of an eye and I didn't think anything of it and this week a whole new shlew of customers saw them on the 2 people who got the 2 pairs that were there and it's started a craze! For $15 a pair customized to whatever color crystals you would like that not a bad deal for the holidays right? They are making great stocking stuffers:) I'll be working on them all week so email me if you are interested in getting a pair or two for yourself or a friend and I'll get them to you by xmas gift wrapped and all for $3.85 shipping priority. I'm a good gift wrapper I promise so if you want them sent directly to the recipent I'll do that for you too. But email me soon because certain colors are very limited! In Quyzzle news (did you really think you'd get out of hearing about quyzzle? ) I'm on 57...STILL! Everyone keeps telling me how easy it is and that it is what it is and I still can't wrap my brain around it, I'm WAY over thinking it and driving myself nuts and to top it off Marsha has got me hooked on ANOTHER puzzle interactive type game that reminds me of one my most favorite games ever...Maniac Mansion!!!!! I don't even know the name of this one I can't remember it but I'll post a link soon but it's soooooo much fun! I passed the stinking green wall Marsha!!!!! now I'm stuck again! I gotta stop with these puzzle things at least until I get my xmas shopping done! I'm so slacking big time I really need to get in the game or I"m ganna be in big trouble come next week lol! Bad habit of mine to leave things till the last minute. Alrighty I'm off for now, enjoy some more funnies and have a great night!


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