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Happy Friday! I've got errands to run and more fuel to get. Of course when I'm all motivated and inspired and rearing to go melt some glass I get up there cozy on it and ....the tanks empty!!!! blech! I stayed up WAAAAAYYYYY to early really...playing quyzzle with Joe. We are totally and completely addicted. Thanks alot Tink, I'm sending you a lump of coal for xmas lol! This game makes me want to rip my hair out and bang my head agains the wall! I'd like to take this moment to appologize to my bunker gals for pulling them in to the quyzzle maddness with me, sorry gals! One of my bunkerettes sent me this cool little game which I'm also addicted to and like to get a few games in when Quyzzle has got me totally frazzled, try some Hairball Bowling. Anyhow I'm keeping it short and ganna go run some errands be back later!
Don't forget to check out my auction, it's been going all week but I forgot to mention it, it's a great holiday set sparkly and my mom has already claimed it if it doesn't sell, it's full of nice matching pairs great for earrings so I think that is what she has in mind. Ok back later adios!


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