Snow Storm yikes!

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It's really coming down outside it's nuts! Perfect for firing up the fireplace, snuggling up with a book, a movie, some tea maybe a little QUYZZLE!!!!!!! Yes I'm still at it with the quyzzle! I can't seem to get past 52 it's driving me nuts but gives me piece of mind knowing that I'm a teeny bit over half way done with the whole thing! I gotta cut my quyzzle time short tonight though because I have to get some much need work done AND make myself up something sparklie and pretty to wear tomorrow night for the xmas party (My mom owns Century 21 Allstar Real Estate and throws an annual bash lots of fun!) Noah's got the cutest xmas suit with a little tie and everything all set to go for tomorrow and I have to iron Joe's shirt and steam his suit if it needs it which I think it does, it figures that of all his suits he picks out the wrinkled one to wear tomorrow lol! So anyhow I'm ganna keep it short so I can get back to work and hopefully the answer to #52 will just come to me while I'm in my beading trance lol! Have a great night!


brainhell said…
Zzzz zzz

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