monday already?

The Bird is real! Freaked me out at first because I didn't notice it right away and we're dancing next to her and it starts moving! lol!

Hope you all had a great weekend! We had a blast at the xmas party Friday night. Noah had his immunizations earlier that day (poor baby but he did so good!) and then we got all spiffed up and headed out. I hadn't gotten all formally dressed up since early in my pregancy last year so it was fun and Noah had his cute little suit and Joe came home early from work to be our date lol! I've got some pics below. Noah was pooped out by the time we remember to take pictures and we left soon after so we could get him home and tucked up in bed. I think watching the belly dancer shake her groove thang wore him out lol! You should have seen the look on his face he thought she was the coolest thing with all her bells and sparkley costume. Then Elvis took the stage lol! We had such a great time! Anyhow I got some fun torch time in finally and so I've got another auction heading up later tonight called "Secret Admirer" it's another really fun Valentine set. It's a M.E style set I haven't offered any M.E beads in a while so here you go! I hope you enjoy them! Up to 57 on Quyzzle! woopeee! Seriously I can't wait to be done with this game! It's driving me nuts! Ok all for now! Have a great night!


Carrie McKinney said…
I LOVE your outfit in the picture!!! It is so sparkly and pretty!! Too bad I can't see your shoes! LOL :) Yeah I haven't been dressed up since Noah's baptism so I don't get all out dressed up too often either! So when we fly to Hollywood for our 30th b-days we will have to be decked out everyday..haha still thinking about that! Okay talk to you later!
Star*Girl said…
Thanks! The bottom of the dress what all flippity and fun too but plain so I sparkled it up a little extra with the beaded shrug. It was a lot of fun getting all spiffed up and don't even get me started on the shoes! They were an early xmas present from my mom I gotta show them to you you're ganna love them I think they are my most favorite yet! I LOVE getting all dressed up! I don't think I have anything else to get dressed up for until Spring for weddings coming up. Maybe I'll just deck myself out and strut around the house lol! Yep I say Hollywood & LA and maybe a little San Fran OR New York! I don't remember who I was talking to about it but I think it might have been you actually about wondering if they still do the Sex and the City tours! That would be fun!
Carrie Mckinney said…
Yep it was me! Oh man yeah New York Manhattan whatever I definitely want to do that too!! As soon as these kiddos get a little bigger we will be all set! Yeah I couldn't tell if it was a dress/skirt or pants from the pic. Ahh new shoes! Yipppeee for you gotta check em' out!
Can u believe all this stinkin snow? holy cow! Oh u were saying something about stick earrings! YES i love them too, kathy gave me 2 pairs for my b-day and I wear them constantly.

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