How was your weekend?

Ours was great! We had fun getting some xmas shopping done and hanging out with our friends Mark and Carrie and the kids. Me and Carrie do girls nights and Mark and Joe do their poker guy thing and visits whenever throughout the week so it's always a lot of fun when we ALL get together and the kids play and the grown ups gab (and eat chocolate covered almonds and pretzel, yum! We stopped in at the perfect time lol!) So before I unlease a ton of cute pics on you and a few sneak peeks I just wanted to say that all the orders are out and on their way to you. Beadies and ear strings as well as a few other orders are making their holiday travels to their new homes as we speak! I've been working on Valentine and springy brights (as I like to refer to them as) but being that it's a holiday week and I have a ton of things going on this week I won't be putting up any specials or auctions until after the holidays that way I can just take my time playing at the torch whenever the mood strikes me and a little holiday break :) I'll still be working on Bridal, jewelry and custom bead orders though so I guess it's not a total break lol! I wouldn't be able to keep my hands from doing beadie things for very long anyhow :) I know alot of you are super busy this week as well and traveling so while I have you here...MERRY CHRISTMAS from my family to yours! Have safe travels and enjoy your holidays and come back and visit soon!
I'm still thinking up a name for this bracelet but it features my handmade lampwork in two of my favorite colors of ink and ocher hmmm...there might just be my name! (Cocoa freshwater pearls and swarovski cubes and awesome toggle! Comeing soon to the storefront ($65)
Ear Strings- shown in Turquoise with Rhinstone rondels all sterling silver this pair got snatched up by my mom. Available in a wide array of colors! $15 a pair.
Glamour-rama Oh lala! nuff said...well except that there's lot's of yummy Swarovski's in these stunning earrings! $35
So Matthew (carrie's son) was so sweet and decided to part with his jumperoo so Noah could enjoy it! He was a bit hesitant as he saw it go out the door and get loaded up. I think he thought maybe we were just joking about actually taking it :( I felt soooooo bad! But as you can see Noah is lovin' it! Miss Carrie snuggled up with Kyle, Alyssa and Noah!
Now it's Joe's turn to get in on a snuggle pic!
So Cute! Alyssa, Noah and Kyle...Hey! Where's Matthew!!!??? How did he manage to escape all the pics??!!!


Carrie said…
OKay so I am able to handle that pic of me. Not too bad but the angle makes me look really wide LOL! THE kids are just adorable!! AND yes Matthew managed to stay out of the pics. I think he was drinking his bottle! Ahhh so glad that Noah likes the jumperoo! Did he figure out how to get jumping yet?too cute!!!!
Star*Girl said…
Oh stop it you look cute! Yeah he's not quite jumping yet he's too distracted with the new gadgets and noise in the play center thingy lol! So far he just stand up stick straight then after a few minutes he'll squat to rest briefly and then it's business as usual again lol! I think he'll catch on pretty quick though because the few times he bounced on accident he thought it was a hoot lol!
Carrie said…
Oh man I know what u mean they bounce on accident and they're like oh whoa what was that?!! LOL Yeah in another month he'll be bouncing all over the place in that thing! LOL glad he likes it. Alyssa loved the pic of him in the jumperoo :) She was cracking up!

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