Hello on this freezing cold Monday!

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Brrrrrr...it's cold! We got more snow dumped on us this weekend. Joe's loving it since he finally got himself a snowblower this year. Spent the weekend either getting some xmas shopping done or cozied up watching movies that's my favorite kind of weekend! I told Joe what I wanted for xmas this year and he already ordered it! The thing I hate most about knowing this is that now when it get's here I'm not ganna wanna wait until xmas! I know he'll make me wait though. There's one prezzie under the tree for me from him that mysteriously appeared over the weekend I think it's a movie from my movie list but I can't be sure and it's driving me nuts so I know that once the UPS man drops off my present I'll end up using every ounce of restraint just to stop myself from opening it and using it before Joe can get home to hide it from me, I swear I'm worse than a kid! Anyhow in bead news I got 2 new sets done and up for ebay. The holiday set I did a 3 day auctions so you will have enough time to get them and create with them and enjoy them. I've never done a 3 day auction so it should be interesting to see if people get enough time to bid or view it. Live and learn, right? :) I hope to get the specials up later this week maybe even tomorrow. I think I'm may split them up since 2 of the sets aren't complete yet so maybe I'll put up what I do have done tomorrow and then the rest on Friday. I think I will do it that way because then I'll have a little more time to squeeze in another set or two. Right now I'm off to work on a new necklace design I've seen this type done in a bracelet style but never a necklace so I'm off to experiment:)
HERE are the auctions! Enjoy!


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