Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy weekend!

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Hooray for the weekend! I'm in desperate need of getting some xmas shopping done! ack if I don't at least knock a couple of people off my list this weekend I won't be a happy camper. I need to focus on my list and just do it already. Noah met Santa today! Pics to come soon. It was the cutest thing and he LOVED it! It must be one of the cutest pictures ever. He's got the hugest smile and his face is just lit up with excitment. We were cracking up! I think we're taking him again tomorrow with my nephew. I'm working on some more auctions but I'm not sure if I'll be listing any this week or not since it's going to be a busy week for everyone. I think I may just try to put up a couple of specials if I can. Anyhow I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I'm off to get some online shopping done. Alot of the things on Noah's xmas list are apparently "web only" for some reason so I need to get on the ball with that so they get here in time. Have a great night!

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